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Shanghai Xiafu Co., Ltd.

Cosmetics Cooler (KSHZ-9L)

Refrigeration Appliances
Cosmetics Cooler (KSHZ-9L)


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Refrigeration Appliances  -  Cosmetic Cooler

Offer Post Time: 2011-05-20

Serial Code:



Carriage: FOB CHINA


Minimum Order Quantity: 2009 Unit

Price: 2009.00 USD

Product Information
Capacity: 9L.
Supply: AC220V.
Size: 400*355 *300mm.
Details: LED display, 3-type controllable temperature adjust.

Large capacity-fitting for fashion female with many articles or beauty parlor
Thermostatic temperature should be 12.

Elegant and decent profile!

Professional hairdressing requires professional fresh-keeping.

New push all the expensive foreign free cold storage technology based on the best means of adding antibacterial substances in liquid or paste.

Cosmetic Intellectual Thermostatic Refrigeratory adopts advanced electric fresh-keeping skills and environmental-protective bacteria and sunshine resistance material, which on one side it can guarantee microelement active in essence, on the other side it will control the grow of bacteria, so it especially adapts to pure nature hairdressing skin-care products and cosmetic fresh-keeping.